• Fascia replacement

Roofing, fascias and guttering are just some of the services I offer. If your job isn’t on the list I can probably still help, give me a call on 07759 491 295 and find out.


I can remove and replace broken roof tiles (but not, unfortunately, slates) and ridge tiles. I can even strip areas of tiles to replace battens and/or underfelt if you are getting leaks. Do you keep getting mortar cracking and dropping out of the pointed verge at the edge of the roof? This is always a problem that won’t go away because the roof tiles move in strong winds or when they are subjected to big temperature changes, but the mortar is rigid and doesn’t want to move. So eventually it comes unstuck and cracks and can even fall out! I can replace this pointed verge with a dry verge system made of coloured uPVC. This is a neat maintenance free finish with none of the disadvantages of the pointed verge.


Do you have painted wooden fascias that are going rotten, or are you just fed up with having to paint them every few years (its very slow and awkward to paint them with the gutters getting in the way)? Do you already have plastic fascias fitted but the joints are coming away and the corners drooping? The chances are that you have 9 mm (3/8 inch) overclad fascias that have been nailed to the original wooden fascia. If the original fascia was more than a couple of years old decay will have started to set in and over-cladding in plastic will not have stopped this. The nails holding your fascias in place are probably loose because the timber behind is rotting away.

Whatever your situation I can replace your fascias with uPVC that are available in a range of colours and finishes. Please note that these fascias are 18 mm (3/4 inch) thick and do not fit over your existing wooden fascias. It is essential that roofs are properly ventilated, especially as the government encourages us to increase the amount of insulation we install. uPVC soffites, as well as being maintenance free can be installed with the necessary amount of ventilation built in, thereby minimising the risk of condensation in the roof.


Old grey gutters looking tired and leaking? Cast iron gutters cracked and leaking? I can replace these with modern uPVC gutters in a range of profiles that can even mimic cast iron. They are generally available in black, brown and white and some come in a larger (high capacity) profile that suits larger roof typical of alder houses. Rainwater pipes are also available to match and some ranges include all the fittings traditionally associated with cast iron.

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